How do I login?

You will need an account created for you by the scheme administrators. Please contact the reward scheme administrator and supply the email address you wish to use when logging in to the portal. A password will be supplied for you.

How do I allocate points?

Points are allocated by recording an activity against a cardholder record. The number of points which will be added are dependent on the activity chosen, and in some cases, the date and time the activity was performed (in the case of special promotions for instance). You can allocate points either by viewing an individual user record and choosing to "Add an activity", or by selecting multiple records at the same time (i.e. a whole class or form of pupils) and recording an activity against all of them at the same time.

What reports can I produce?

The system will allow you to export details of users including how many points they have earned, how many they have spent, which rewards have been redeemed etc. Exports are created in xls format so it is possible for you to manipulate the results into whichever report and format best suit your requirements.

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